Category: Science & Technology

Patrick Birt – Industrial & Product Designer at large

Combining art and function in products, packaging and environmental spaces. An industrial designer able to conceptualize, communicate, and construct creative 3D and graphic products.

An industrial designer is a combination of artist and engineer…like an architect of products. I thrive on solving problems and building solutions with the interweaving of art, technology, and sculpture to add product value and reduce product cost. My background and training includes the design of visually appealing products and systems (my portfolio includes custom architectural lighting, coin-op games, illuminated signage and 3D packaging with graphics). Areas of interest include product design, exhibit design, furniture design, set design (the theatrical influence:) and graphics, though certainly not limited to these by any means! Continue reading

Dr. Leslie A. McCulloch – Facilitating Human Potential

Provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy; Offer business seminars in relaxation therapy, stress reduction, productivity improvement and more. Continue reading

Brian C. Bogart – Sales Professional

Award winning manager with experience in capital equipment, veterinary pharmaceutical, and consumer goods sales and marketing. Skilled in developing increased revenue consistent with goals and objectives. Customer focused. Solid track record of success. View my Resume Phone: 716.984.0012 Email: … Continue reading