Category: Science & Technology

Karen M. Gerwitz – Account/Sales Director, OEM & Medical Device

Account/Sales Director with experience leading international organizations and multinational teams to exceed customer expectations and revenue goals. Demonstrated ability to achieve extraordinary, sustainable gains in growth, profitability, productivity, morale, and ROI to deliver world class results. Continue reading

Gary J. Ball – Project / Process / Quality / Engineer

A Project/Process/Quality Engineer with proven success in the development, monitoring and optimization of various equipment and processes. Strong interpersonal and technical skills with the ability to work with minimal supervision. Continue reading

Peter Figlioti – Analyst / Chemist / Executive Assistant

I am exploring three separate career pathways: Market-Sales Data Analyst; Chemist – Coatings; Executive Assistant. Continue reading

Greg Herzog – Sales & Marketing Management / Business Operations / Product Development & Management / Innovative Leadership

More than 25 years of learning, adapting and pushing innovation in the logistics- supply chain and material handling industry, e-commerce and renewable energy markets. Continue reading

Kirk Hassenfratz – Analyst AT LARGE

I am an innovative analyst developing metrics to provide cost reduction. I see problems as puzzles that are waiting to be solved. I step out of the analyst comfort zone to provide improved quality, customer service, and cost reduction. Continue reading